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Individual Tax Return Checklist - 2015

Posted: 10:24 15th July 2015
Tax Checklist to assist you getting your tax done in 2015  Read more...

End Of Financial Year - Tips

Posted: 09:58 6th June 2015
End of Financial Year Tips to include as part of your overall tax and wealth creation strategies.  Read more...

SMSF Strategy with Farm Land

Posted: 13:18 8th May 2015
This strategy has the ability to reduce tax for a number of years and provide for a steady income stream for parents leaving the farm. Using a case study to best show its effectiveness, the strategy involves the parents transferring land into their own Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and renting to the farming entity.  Read more...

Business Structures

Posted: 12:51 8th May 2015
Choosing an appropriate entity to acquire or transfer assets has become increasingly difficult in recent times primarily because of competing tax issues, industry regulation and changing client objectives that may not be supported by the particular entity at the outset. The decision on the structure should consider owner's immediate and future objectives weighed up with the costs and complexities.  Read more...

Business Tax Planning 2014/15

Posted: 10:30 8th May 2015
With the reduction in the company tax rate from 1 July 2015, the 2014/15 Federal Budget changes to the top individual tax rate and the indexation of the superannuation thresholds it is a good time to plan ahead for the 2014/15 tax year.  Read more...

Considering a SMSF?

Posted: 15:24 17th April 2015
There is a lot of talk around about setting up a Self Managed Super Fund. SMSF’s are about taking control of your investing and improving returns, so if you’ve got a super balance of $150,000 or thereabouts, and the commitment to ensure your super is maximized, then you are a likely candidate for a SMSF.  Read more...